Sunday, March 4, 2012

From pictures to cakes

I really enjoy decorating cakes, however, I often don’t have the creativity to think of an idea on my own.  So most of my creations come from a picture I found online.  Here are two cakes I decorated based on pictures.

My son’s 3rd birthday was a couple months ago, and I wanted to make him a Thomas cake.  Here’s the picture I found online:

Thomas cake picture 

I baked two 9” rounds and kept one as is and cut the other one in half.  I flipped one half onto the other half and put those halves on one side of the other round that I didn’t cut.

Thomas cake finished

The boulders I used were chocolate covered peanuts.  The train is from a Thomas book that came with tiny Thomas and Friends trains. There wasn’t a picture of the back of the cake, so I used my imagination there.  I used tip 233 for the grass and my smallest leaf tip 65 for the leaves on the trees.  

My niece wanted a fairy cake for her birthday.  Here’s the picture I found online:

online fairy cake picture

This one looks a little more daunting, but in reality it was also pretty simple.  This was two 9x13” cakes.  Leave one as is for the bottom layer and cut the other one in half.  Place one half on one side of the bottom layer and from the remaining half cut it from corner to corner to make a triangle and place it on top of the half.  There should still be one corner left which should be cut into a cupcake size circle and place it on the bottom layer next to the second layer. 

Fairy cake how-to


To make the vines I used tip 4 and added purple dots with tip 2, to make the green boarder I used leaf tip 67, the pink flowers were made with tip 21, the small white flowers were with tip 16 and the larger white flowers in the water was with tip 22.

The fairies are from the Disney Tinkerbell Fairy Friends Signature Cake Topper set.  They have stamps on the bottom and come with a stamp pad.


carolea said...

They both look great and tasty as well. Nice job!

Jennifer said...

So nice Shelly! Wow! I love it! You are talented!!!! Bet she LOVED the cake!!!!

Sara said...

Delicious and beautiful! Appreciate your hard work on this - Julia loved it.