Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Tonight Show

This past Friday was the last night that Jay Leno hosted the Tonight Show. Most people either watched Jay Leno or David Letterman. I watched the Tonight Show when Johnny Carson was the host and when Jay Leno took over 17 years ago I continued with him. Conan O'Brien will be taking over as host tomorrow and I haven't decided if I will watch. I have seen him a couple times on the late night show, but I don't really care for his humor, but I should give him a shot. I haven't actually stayed up long enough to watch the Tonight Show in quite a long time so it didn't really matter to me that the host was changing. Maybe I should try giving David Letterman a chance on that rare occasion I am still awake at that hour.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Congratulations Nic and Happy Baptism Jenna

This past Sunday my brother Nic finally graduated from college with his Bachelor's degree. I didn't make it to the commencement, but I did manage to call him while he was walking up to get his diploma. Even though it took you a long time to finish, I am very proud of you for keeping with it. Congratulations!

The reason I missed the commencement was because I was at Jenna's baptism. I was asked to be her Godmother and I was thrilled. Jenna, I hope to be a positive influence in your life and I will tell you many stories about your Mom and I when we were little. God Bless!

2009 USBC Women's Championships, Reno, NV

This past Wednesday I traveled to Reno, NV for the 2009 Women's Bowling Championship Tournament. This was my first time to a National tournament and it was very exciting. I went with a group of ladies that I bowl with on Monday nights. We stayed at the Eldorado Hotel and Casino. Our room had a view of the pool and of the Sands Hotel and Casino a couple blocks away, which was kind of a dump in my opinion.

This tournament runs from March 28th to July 4th and there are bowlers every day. Overall there will be between 40,000 - 45,000 women bowling in this tournament. The tournament was held at the National Bowling Center.

We had to bowl 3 games for team event. I was put on a team from WI and these ladies were known as Duckies. They were very strange and, well, I am not sure how to explain them. Here are some of them in their duckie hats.

Before the team event we were all in the squad room waiting to march onto the lanes. As you can see there are quite a few women in the room.

We had a team photo taken. Here I am with three duckies and Elaine, my doubles partner (she's in the middle).

The stadium had 80 lanes and it was quite impressive!

I was really nervous when we got out onto the lanes and I think it was partly because I wanted to impress my team. I didn't know anyone on it and I really wanted Elaine to think I was a good bowler. Unfortunately, I only had one good score that day. The second day we had to bowl 3 games for doubles and then switch lanes and bowl 3 games for singles. I did even worse on this day. It isn't easy to bowl 9 games in two days. However, I did put money in some side pots for handicap and brackets and I won $29 between the two days. I also aquired quite a few pins.

Even though I didn't do very well in the tournament I did win $200 playing Blackjack at the casino! It was a really good trip and I am excited for next year when the tournament will be held in El Paso, TX. But watch out for me and Elaine, we are soon to be the next bowlers of the year!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

My First Mother's Day

Today was my first Mother's Day. It started out with sleeping in until 7:00AM (an extra hour!). After I showered and dressed I went downstairs to get Jake dressed and there was a Mother's Day card from him. He definately inherited his handwriting from Jamie. I took Jake to church for the first time and he did very well, but still a little handful. Then it was off to my Mother-in-law's where Jamie and his brothers made brunch, yummy! At 1:00PM I went to my Mom's and met my Sister-in-law there and the three of us went to the spa. Mom had a stone massage and Sara and I had pedicures. It was worth every penny :) After the spa we went back to Mom's and Jamie and Jake met us up there for a pizza dinner. We arrived home about 7:00PM and fed Jake then put him to bed around 8:15PM and I am already in my pj's too. It was a wonderful day and I hope my Mom and Mother-in-law enjoyed themselves as well. Happy Mother's Day to all of the Mother's out there.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Happy Birthday Jamie!

Happy Birthday Jamie! He doesn't read my blog but I thought I would post his birthday anyways. Jamie is out of town this week in Rockford, IL but I am going to pick Jake up early from daycare and we are going to drive out to Madison to meet up with him for dinner. Jake and I are surprising him with some brownies that I baked last night, his favorite dessert. Instead of baking them like normal, I put the batter into two mini muffin pans. They turned out pretty good and are easier to package this way. I am pretty sure that he will eat all of them before he gets home on Saturday.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Kentucky Derby

Today my friend Ellen hosted a Kentucky Derby party. In fashion with the derby most of us ladies wore elaborate hats along with some of the men (Dad and Jake).

Ellen even had a whole bar set up including the Derby's famous Mint Julep.

And no Kentucky Derby party can be complete without the roses! Ellen asked me to arrange 75 roses and here are some of the arrangements I came up with.

Before the race started we all made our bets for a chance to win some money and fabulous prizes!

The 135th Kentucky Derby started out just like all the previous ones. The women were wearing elaborate hats singing "My Old Kentucky Home".

The horses were loaded into the starting gates and then they were off!

The favorite was "I Want Revenge" but that horse was scratched before the race. Then "Friesan Fire" was the favorite, but a long shot "Mine That Bird" blew the field away after going from dead last at the final turn to a sprint along the inside rail to win it by 6 3/4 lengths!

Just before everything started, Jake fell asleep and missed it all! But he woke up in time to see the replay.