Monday, May 18, 2009

2009 USBC Women's Championships, Reno, NV

This past Wednesday I traveled to Reno, NV for the 2009 Women's Bowling Championship Tournament. This was my first time to a National tournament and it was very exciting. I went with a group of ladies that I bowl with on Monday nights. We stayed at the Eldorado Hotel and Casino. Our room had a view of the pool and of the Sands Hotel and Casino a couple blocks away, which was kind of a dump in my opinion.

This tournament runs from March 28th to July 4th and there are bowlers every day. Overall there will be between 40,000 - 45,000 women bowling in this tournament. The tournament was held at the National Bowling Center.

We had to bowl 3 games for team event. I was put on a team from WI and these ladies were known as Duckies. They were very strange and, well, I am not sure how to explain them. Here are some of them in their duckie hats.

Before the team event we were all in the squad room waiting to march onto the lanes. As you can see there are quite a few women in the room.

We had a team photo taken. Here I am with three duckies and Elaine, my doubles partner (she's in the middle).

The stadium had 80 lanes and it was quite impressive!

I was really nervous when we got out onto the lanes and I think it was partly because I wanted to impress my team. I didn't know anyone on it and I really wanted Elaine to think I was a good bowler. Unfortunately, I only had one good score that day. The second day we had to bowl 3 games for doubles and then switch lanes and bowl 3 games for singles. I did even worse on this day. It isn't easy to bowl 9 games in two days. However, I did put money in some side pots for handicap and brackets and I won $29 between the two days. I also aquired quite a few pins.

Even though I didn't do very well in the tournament I did win $200 playing Blackjack at the casino! It was a really good trip and I am excited for next year when the tournament will be held in El Paso, TX. But watch out for me and Elaine, we are soon to be the next bowlers of the year!

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Anonymous said...

I'm glad you went and experienced the event. I was there in spirit. MOM