Sunday, January 20, 2013

Ultimate Superhero Cake

For the little guy’s birthday party we decided on a superhero theme.  And while perusing the Everything board on Pinterest I came across the most awesome superhero cake.  I pinned it to my Kid Stuff board thinking it would be a great birthday cake.  Here’s the one I found:

Picture from

Pretty awesome hey?!?  Well, I made another rookie Mom mistake (I’ve made many) which was to show the little guy this picture. Oops, now he’s expecting this awesome cake and I’m not sure my decorating skills are up for the challenge, but how hard could it really be?!?!

About a week before the party I decided the above cake, while awesome, would be way too much cake for our party of 20.  So I decided on a square cake and because I’m a perfectionist I made a model of what I was thinking.


I added Superman for the 4th side and I had no idea what to do for the actual side and originally thought of putting his undies on there(but as you will soon see I changed my mind).

The most difficult part I was foreseeing was that I wanted 4 different colors on the top (and sides) and wasn’t sure how to make them come together seamlessly.  But I’m creative, so I decided to use thick wooden skewers to make an X on the top and at each corner along the sides.  After adding a crumb coat I pushed the skewers into the frosting just enough so they didn’t slide around.

Jan19-2013 005

I used a ruler to smooth out the top and then followed up with the Viva paper towel method.  “The What?” you ask.  Another recent pin I found was that you can use a white Viva paper towel (only Viva brand works I guess) and lay it on the surface of the buttercream and very lightly smooth it with your hand.  There are a few You Tube videos about it like this one if you want to check it out.

Jan19-2013 013

After I finished all 4 sides I removed the skewers and set it outside (it was only 18 degrees out, but if you have the space then set it in the freezer for about 5-10 min).  The skewers left a fairly large space between all the colors so using the same Viva paper towel method I was able to smooth the colors towards each other and got a perfect seam.

Jan19-2013 015

Next up was the actual design on the cake.  I use a toothpick to first mark the design on the cake and then fill in with the frosting.  I started with Spiderman since I knew it would probably be the easiest of them all.

Jan19-2013 018

Then I worked on the top of Superman.  I first outlined with black then tried to fill in the red and yellow.  I would not recommend this.  Instead, start with the red, then leave a space and add the yellow, and finally fill in with the black. I spread it with the spatula as well as I could and then smoothed with the paper towel. I pressed a little too hard though, so be careful if you do that.

Jan19-2013 019

Jan19-2013 020

At this point I had already been working on the cake for 5 hours (yes, 5 hours) and decided it was time for bed. 

The next night I still wasn’t sure about the rest of Superman, so I got started on the Hulk.  For this I started by tracing out the hand with a toothpick and then added large mounds of frosting for each of the fingers and added green blobs all around the rest.  Then using a brownish color I added a thin line around all the blogs and to define the fingers.  Using a toothpick I spread it around picking up some of the green and trying to blend it.  Then I filled in the cracks.

Jan19-2013 023

For Batman I traced out buildings and windows and then piped the outline and filled in with black.  I smoothed it out as much as I could and then added the yellow windows. 

Jan19-2013 026

For the logo on top I first added the yellow and then the black (see I’m learning from my Superman mistakes).  I also added white dots for stars.

Jan19-2013 027

Last up was that pesky Superman side.  The buildings on the batman side was fairly easy so I decided to make light grey ones.  I also added in a bird and a plane (get it?!?).

Jan19-2013 034

Whew! This took another 3 hours, so in all to decorate it took me 8 hours! But the look on the little guy’s face when he saw it was all worth it.


Jan19-2013 078

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Look who’s 4

Happy Birthday to my 4 year old!

This past year has brought many challenges.  But with all the challenges we have had a blast!  Here’s a snapshot of the past year:

He loves to dance!  He may look like daddy, but he has my personality all the way!

5-5-12 004

He loves to put out fires in the neighborhood.


And when he’s done he’ll mow your grass!


He loves to cook and bake with us!


He got his first set of stitches :(


He is fully potty trained (except at night) and had his first experience peeing in the woods camping.  Unfortunately this backfired in the summer when he dropped and went on the beach… oops!


He finally figured out how to ride his tricycle…


And then a big boy bike all in the same year!


He still laughs uncontrollably on the swings :)


He loves his swimming lessons and this was the first time without me in the water with him.


He went to a couple Brewer games and Admiral’s hockey games.


He loves to help daddy fix things.


He got his very own fishing pole this year!


He loves dragons!


Happy 4th Birthday to my little boy who is growing up so fast!  Let’s hope that this year brings just as much fun without so much drama though, okay?!?!  Love you little guy!


Saturday, January 5, 2013

The girls are getting crafty!

A year ago my friends and I decided to make gifts instead of buy them.  I really enjoy this much more and it makes it more interesting to see what everyone has been busy making. 

This year I made reversible aprons which was modified from this one-hour tutorial.  The tutorial only makes a one-sided apron but it wasn’t very thick and so I decided to use complimentary fabric on the other side. 

Unfortunately I don’t have any step-by-step pictures, but if anyone is interested I can try to make a schematic of what I did.  In the meantime, check out the link above.

These are the finished aprons showing both sides:




And Chris posted pictures on her blog of the one I gave her so you can see it worn:

Photos from Chris at What Makes Me Click

And here are the lovely gifts I received from my best girlfriends:

Jenny made this wonderful Almond Oil Sugar Scrub which I’m loving in my shower!

Photo from Jenny at JQuandt4

Becky made this fun Christmas wreath which Jacob loved the best!

Photo from Chris at What Makes Me Click

And Chris impressed us all by sewing us each a fabric pouch that had one of her own photos printed on the fabric inside.  Whoa!