Sunday, August 22, 2010

Is it on sale?

I hate to buy anything without a coupon or if it isn’t on a really good sale.  I love to clearance shop at Kohl’s.  They have the best discounts and I refuse to buy anything there that isn’t on sale because it will most likely go on sale in a week or so.  Even when I get a coupon in the mail from them I make sure what I am buying is also on sale. 

We buy Jake’s diapers at Babies R’ Us because we can get the most for our money but today I didn’t want to take the drive so I bought a small package at Wal-Mart.  Then when I got home I flipped through my Parenting magazine and found an coupon for buying diapers from them.  It was for 20% off plus free 2 day shipping.  Of course it was only good for 1 unit but I got the same ones I usually buy for about $10 cheaper.  Good deal to me and I don’t have to drive to the store! 

I had to buy some grow lights for work and I was telling my boss about the deal I found online and he looked at me like I was weird.  I got them at and did the free super saver shipping which says takes 5-9 days, but I got the light in 3 days so it worked out great.

I try to remember to use for buying online.  I don’t always remember to use them, but when I do I always look for the store that gives me the best cash back reward.

I also started looking at for the daily deals.  I just bought my first one for Stir Crazy. 

The only time I don’t use coupons is at the grocery store which I know seems weird.  I used to clip coupons all the time, but I never kept up with them and then they were expired.  But I do look to see if anything on my list is on sale.  There are certain items that I refuse to buy generic for, but I’ll give it a try most of the time and then decide.  I just got Jamie into this habit, but that might have been a mistake.  Cherry Vanilla Diet Pepsi was on sale at our local grocery store for $0.98/12 pack and we now have a dozen 12 packs in our house.  It tastes okay and all, but Jamie doesn’t understand that he shouldn’t increase his soda habit just because they were only $0.08/can.  It’s not really saving as much when he drinks twice as many. 

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Chocolate pound cake

I got a new bundt pan for my birthday so I decided to make a chocolate pound cake.  I didn’t think the size of the pan was smaller than a 10” tube pan and it ended up overflowing in the oven.  When it was finished baking I cut off the overflowing part and then flipped it over.  It looks very pretty!  I am bringing it to my company picnic today so I don’t know how it tastes yet, but I am sure it will be yummy.


I got this apron while shopping in Lake Geneva last week.  Isn’t it cute!


I should have realized right away that there was too much batter in the pan!

 003007 The top picture is before powdered sugar and the flash made it look lighter in color.  The bottom picture is without a flash and closer to the color it actually looks.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Lake Delavan

We spent this past week at a house on Lake Delavan.  Jamie’s family was there and we had a few guests throughout the week as well.  I didn’t always have my camera with me, but I did take a few photos of the week.

The second day we were there we took Jake to Great Clips to get his first “professional” hair cut.  He did pretty good when we were able to keep his attention away from the hair stylist. 


I love this picture!  He’s pretending to talk on the phone.  Too cute!


He got a sucker when it was all over.  He did such a good job!

We ate breakfast together each morning.  The other baby is Michael, the son of Chris’s good friends Michael & Erica.


There was a water balloon fight!


019  018

We watched movies outside with a projector on a white sheet.  We also brought the fire pit to enjoy each night.  We watched The Great Outdoors, Batman Begins and Indiana Jones: The last crusade.


The four cousins took a bath together.  They love Jake!


The last night we had lobster, mussels and ribs for dinner.  Yummy!


Jamie and I enjoyed spending time with his family.  It was a great week and we look forward to doing this again next year.

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Time to clean up and go home!