Saturday, May 2, 2009

Kentucky Derby

Today my friend Ellen hosted a Kentucky Derby party. In fashion with the derby most of us ladies wore elaborate hats along with some of the men (Dad and Jake).

Ellen even had a whole bar set up including the Derby's famous Mint Julep.

And no Kentucky Derby party can be complete without the roses! Ellen asked me to arrange 75 roses and here are some of the arrangements I came up with.

Before the race started we all made our bets for a chance to win some money and fabulous prizes!

The 135th Kentucky Derby started out just like all the previous ones. The women were wearing elaborate hats singing "My Old Kentucky Home".

The horses were loaded into the starting gates and then they were off!

The favorite was "I Want Revenge" but that horse was scratched before the race. Then "Friesan Fire" was the favorite, but a long shot "Mine That Bird" blew the field away after going from dead last at the final turn to a sprint along the inside rail to win it by 6 3/4 lengths!

Just before everything started, Jake fell asleep and missed it all! But he woke up in time to see the replay.


Becky said...

LOVE the hats, Shelly!

redwing1013 said...

Awesome review of the party!! You really captured the essence and the pics are great. I am going to refer family and friends to check it out. Thanks!!