Sunday, April 8, 2012

Spring Cleaning

These past 6 weeks I’ve been Spring cleaning so we can get the condo listed again next week.  Here’s a list of things we’ve been doing:


  • Bedroom closets
  • Hallway closet
  • Under sinks
  • Kitchen cabinets
  • Storage crawl space
  • Garage 

A lot of things were thrown away or donated to Goodwill.  I sent some of Jake’s clothes and toys to work for some co-workers.  The rest went to a storage unit we are renting.  We also removed some furniture from the basement, bedrooms, and living room.


  • One bedroom was still the same since we moved in, so that is now a nice cream color called Sand Trap (Ace)
  • Stained the deck which only needed it on all horizontal surfaces and took about 2 hours

We still need to touch up the trim outside and do the hallway down to the basement.


  • Jake’s bedroom wall with crayon marks was cleaned with the Magic Eraser, worked great!  Luckily the crayon was on the wall behind the door.
  • The vertical blinds for the patio door were so dirty and grimy.  They are cloth, so I figured before throwing in the towel I would see what happened if they went in the washing machine.  They look brand new!  Should have done that years ago.
  • All windows inside and out were cleaned with Windex Foaming Glass and Multi-Surface Cleaner and it worked amazingly well! 
  • Wiped down all ceiling fans
  • Basement carpet was cleaned with Resolve High Traffic Powder.  This worked okay, a steam cleaner would probably make it even better.
  • The shower stall in the basement was all Jamie.  He removed all the doors, re-calked the inside, and did his best to clean all the doors.  Not as good as we would like, but about as good as it will get.
  • Cleaned up two flower beds and planted some wildflower seeds.  I know it’s early, but I can always try again later.


  • Jamie bought and installed a new entry door and a new door to the garage.  They are so much better than the old ones.
  • I put in a new screen for the front door and Jamie helped me with the patio screen.  Advice: buy fiberglass screen, not aluminum screen.
  • I re-glued some wallpaper that Jake liked to pull on.
  • I replaced the ugly brick retainers under the deck with some better bricks.
  • Grass seed was put down yesterday to try and patch some bad spots in the lawn. I hope this works.

We still need to fix/replace a corner piece of siding and also a downspout.  

We have done so much and I really hope that we are able to sell the condo.  The hardest part is just keeping it clean all the time which is hard to do with a 3 year old.

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