Sunday, November 4, 2012

Banana trick

I always have bananas in the house.  They are an easy fruit to eat and take with you on the go.  When Jake was starting solids I enjoyed the ease of feeding him a banana, but of course he couldn’t eat an entire one.  I would sometimes help him out, but I wished I could keep it for later. 

While browsing the stores I came across the Nana Saver.  You cut a banana in half and then place the Nana Saver on the cut end which would keep the end from getting all brown and gross. 

Nana Keeper2

I used it for a while but it never really worked like it was supposed to.  But it was only a couple bucks so it wasn’t a huge disappointment.

Recently with all the Banana Yogurt Smoothies I’ve been making I use many bananas.  Sometimes it’s hard to find small bananas and I have to cut them in half or thirds and since I lost the Nana Saver (or more likely threw it away) I found a better way to save my bananas.


Banana 004


I learned that all you need to do is cut the banana with a sharp knife.  Yes, the end will get all brown and gross, but it creates a natural barrier for the rest of the banana.


Banana 005


I’m not sure how long it takes for it to get like this, but this is a day after cutting.


Banana 009


This layer is actually quite thin and you only need to cut a small layer away to get back to the good stuff. So there is no need to buy a banana keeper or throw out a perfectly good banana if you only want part of it. 


Banana 010

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