Saturday, August 31, 2013

Carnival (Circus) Themed Party

Every year we have a party at work that we call our Spring Social.  It used to be a wine and cheese party that has expanded into more elaborate parties.  We’ve done a mini-golf theme where everyone was put in teams and they had to make a mini-golf hole using supplies around the office.  Last year it was more subdued with Food & Drink from Around the World.  This year we decided on a Carnival (Circus) Theme and it was one of our best yet.

We rented a dozen carnival games from the Milw. Public School system.  They were $200 and they dropped them off and picked them up.  They were less expensive than other party rental companies and we liked that the money was going to the schools in the area. 

For decorations we decided on red, blue and yellow as the main colors and had balloons, streamers, tablecloths, and banners.  These were all bought from the Dollar store or Bartz’s party supply.  In total they cost about $100.

Food included jumbo pretzels, nachos, mini corndogs, mini cream puffs, licorice, lollipops, cracker jack, cotton candy, peanuts, and a popcorn wagon.  For drinks we had old fashioned soda, beer, and a slushy machine with lemonade.  The slushy machine can be rented, but we have a insider that got it for us for free for the day. 

We also had five prizes (each $20-30) that we raffled off to the group.  They included a beach blanket with cooler and beach ball, popcorn popper with popcorn and seasonings, pizza grill stone with utensils, gardening kit, and a pair of Brewer tickets.  Everyone who played a game got five raffle tickets and they could put them in for whichever prize they were interested in.

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