Sunday, June 30, 2013

The calm before the storm

It’s 7:16am on the last day of June and I am sitting outside on our deck.  It is currently a cool 58F with a light breeze but I hear it will be a beautiful sunny day in the low 70s. 

We don’t utilize our deck as often as we really should.  We eat dinner out here a couple nights in the summer, but that is about it.  So I thought I’d spend some time out here before the storm comes.  Oh, that’s right, its supposed to be nice today. 

Jacob will be waking up in about a half hour and he is the storm I’m talking about.  Every weekend morning he wakes up and the first words out of his mouth are “how long did I sleep for” and then “do you want to play with me”?

Oh my dear Jacob, can’t we just sit quietly while I wake up and have at least one more cup of coffee?  Must we play the moment you open your eyes?  I know one day he won’t want to play with me and I need to cherish these moments. 

My usual response to him is “why don’t you sit next to me on the couch so we can cuddle for a few minutes” which will last about 30 seconds and then he has thought of what he wants to play.  This isn’t quiet play either, usually it’s soccer or fighting dragons.


Well, I have a few more minutes to enjoy the birds singing outside before the non-stop play machine wakes up.  I hope you all are enjoying your summer to the fullest!


Becky said...

I was just telling Jim how I wish we used our patio more! During the day, it's too hot. In the evening, it's buggy or there is too much noise from the neighborhood. Hope you enjoyed your peaceful morning!

carolea said...

Hopefully you'll be in a new house soon and along with it will come a boy's favorite playmate - a puppy!