Monday, March 24, 2014

30 years ago

30 years ago I was 5 years old. I was in half-day kindergarten and making new friends that I would still be friends with today.   My memories aren’t the best but I do remember the sand table and nap mats.  And I think there was a stuffed animal bee that each child was able to take home for a week.  Becky, Jenny, do you remember this?  Someone also got to be the line leader when we went outside the classroom.  Our teacher was Mrs. Plum.  What a great name for a kindergarten teacher.

I heard that 30 years ago on this day The Breakfast Club was serving detention.  I can’t believe that movie took place in 1984.  It was and still is one of my favorite movies.  It’s one of those that I have to stop and watch if I catch it on tv. 

The Breakfast Club–Trailer

I also saw online that Footloose was released 30 years ago as well.  Another great movie that I have to stop and watch.  Kevin Bacon was on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon last Friday and did a little dance before his interview.

Kevin Bacon’s Footloose Entrance

I just checked, and Dirty Dancing came out in 1987, phew!


Becky said...

I do remember the was hanging on your coat hook when it was your turn with it! I don't really remember my turn with it; it just remember the bee. I also remember snack time! LOL...snack time and a bumblebee...that's what we remember about kindergarten.

True story - I have never seen Footloose. I did see Kevin Bacon's appearance on The Tonight Show, though. Love The Breakfast Club!

Jennifer said...

I also remember the bee! I was thinking about it before you even mentioned it in your post!!

Another true story - I dont think I have ever seen the Breakfast Club or Footloose in its entirety!