Saturday, February 28, 2009


In highschool a friend gave me the nickname shell-zone. This nickname did not continue past highschool so I thought I would revive it here. Highschool was probably one of my favorite times in my life. I had a lot of friends and some really great times.

One thing that we did in highschool was pass notes. Teachers probably hated when we passed notes but it was a way of letter writing which is slowly disappearing. These days people e-mail and text which I feel is not as personal. Texting has become the new way to pass notes. Within these text messages there are many acronyms which has become the new shorthand.

The notes we passed usually had a purpose, but was full of random thoughts from the day. I still have a box full of notes from my friends in highschool. I'm not sure why I kept them, but here is the first one I pulled out of the box. These messages were always folded in some crazy origami so they were hard to open.


Hey Dudette; Was ↑ around you! Didn't see you today at all, until now. Joe's in my Hebrew Scriptures class, I want to see the guy you thought it was, he could be hot. Is he? Taking the bus home? Me am. I always do. Now with my new schedule I have lunch every single day! Maybe we have the same one, one day. Passed wtih Joe again! We also had to form a large circle & weave in and out of the people, and we had to kick the ball to others in the circle. I wanta play a game! Have you played any football games yet?

Practice, Practice, Practice!

Are you going to Pius vs Dominican? I am, at 6:00 the Freshman play Freshman & at 7:30 or something Varsity play Varsity. Cheryl & Bridget are going & I am going too. The football team has a night game at Hart park on Sat at 7:30 I think!!! I wanta go to both of them. Do you, maybe we could meet Jenny & Kristi there.

W/B/S or call tonight *867-5309 (in case you forgot) (you never call me!! I always call you!)

*P.S. How's David's blue eyes?

P.P.S. Ask me later on the phone about some guy in my Tac!
Please No!

Your Wonderful Friend,

I love the randomness of these notes. I am always thinking random things throughout the day but I never write them down like I used to in Highschool. Perhaps these random thoughts will show up on here. There aren't as many acronyms in this note as there were in others, and no I am not going to explain what they mean if you don't know. And FYI, Jenny meant to write like this and yes, we are still wonderful friends and I have no idea who Joe is, maybe Jenny knows!

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