Monday, March 2, 2009


I have always been a fan of the Wisconsin lottery. I love scratch off tickets and PowerBall. My Dad has always played the lottery so maybe that is how I got interested in it. I remember buying my first lottery ticket and thinking that I was cool. I haven't won very much, just a couple dollars every now and then. I was pretty dedicated to getting my PowerBall ticket every Wed and Sat, but recently I have forgotten. I also send in my losing tickets for the Super 2nd Chance Drawing. I haven't won that yet either. Some people think playing the lottery is throwing money away, but someone has to win eventually and why can't it be me someday? By buying a $1 lottery ticket every Wed and Sat is only about $100 a year and I know I've lost much more than that it the past year with my 401K. And think of all the good the lottery has done for the state of Wisconsin:

Since its beginning in 1988, the Wisconsin Lottery has managed the Lottery fund with the following results*:

Player Prizes
($4.690 billion or 56.2% of revenue)
At least 50% of total revenue must be dedicated to prize winnings.

Retailer Commissions
($475.36 million or 5.7% of revenue)
This money goes to Wisconsin businesses.

Operational Expenses
($558.4 million or 6.7% of revenue)
Expenses include staff salaries. The Lottery has operated well below the mandated limit of 10%.

Property Tax Relief
($2.622 billion or 31.4% of revenue)
This money has been returned to eligible Wisconsin taxpayers.

Over the years, the Wisconsin Lottery has generated more than $8.347 billion in total revenue. At least 95% of that revenue has gone back to the people of Wisconsin. That money stays in Wisconsin's economy for the good of everyone.

So play the lottery and support Wisconsin!

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Becky said...

I heard on the news this morning that lottery sales are down in this economy - you'd think that now more than ever people would want to play the lottery for the chance to win the big prize!