Thursday, March 12, 2009

I love the 80's!

About a year and a half ago 4-5 coworkers and I participated in 80's song of the week. This consisted of picking the best 80's song we could think of. Every Friday after lunch we would go to youtube and pull up our song so we could watch the video and listen to the song. We would then vote for our favorite and the winner would get to be the keeper of the Troll doll for the week. I won a couple times, but I think we all agreed that the best 80's song that was mentioned was "Do you really want to hurt me" by Culture Club. This went on for a couple months then it just stopped.

I've been thinking that I should start an 80's movie of the month club. Just like the music, the 80's provided quite an assortment of movies. I would probably start with a classic like "Stand By Me" or "The Breakfast Club" and then let everyone pick their favorite and pick one at random each month to watch. My mother-in-law actually rented "Short Circuit" a couple months ago. Number 5's alive!!! Ahh, the 80's!


Becky said...

How about Cocoon or Three Men and a Baby?

Debbie said...

My grandkids loved the movie also and watched it about 10 times. One of their favorite lines was "Lazer Lips". yes the 80's were wonderful.

Sara said...

Does "Say Anything" count as 80s? It should - that boom box scene is iconic.