Sunday, March 15, 2009

Flower arranging

This past December I took a free flower arranging class at the Milwaukee School of Flower Design. It was a 2 hour class and we learned a couple of cool techniques. The class was free but they really wanted people to sign up for all their classes which is more for people that want to go into the flower industry. I might be interested in a couple of their classes, but they are pretty expensive not to mention the flowers themselves.

Today I bought one bunch of flowers at the grocery store and I used the bouquet technique. I think it turned out pretty well, but it would have looked better if I bought two bunches. The technique was fairly easy to learn and now I can make bouquets if anyone needs one for a wedding. I don't buy flowers very often, but I saw these on sale for St. Patrick's Day which is coming up on Tuesday. Next time I buy flowers I will do another technique and post it on here.

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redwing1013 said...

That arrangement looks like a professional did it. Will you do arrangements of roses for my Kentucky Derby party?