Saturday, June 26, 2010


These past few weeks I have been baking a lot.  It all started with a new cookbook that I bought called “All Cakes Considered” a years worth of weekly recipes tested, tasted and approved by the staff of NPR’s All Things Considered. 


This cookbook goes through how to properly bake a cake.  Now, I’ve baked a lot of cakes and I have never done it quite like this book has you do it.  The first recipe, The Man Catcher – Sour Cream Pound Cake, goes through each step of the making and baking process and the recipe is 12 pages long.  I followed along and I must say that I have never had batter look as good as the one I made with this recipe.  It was worth the effort.  Here is the end result:


I also made two things for Father’s Day.  The first was pancakes, which really isn’t baking, but I was creative, so I just had to show you.


The next were these little cheesecake cups which were so easy to make.  All it took was chocolate chip cookie dough in the bottom, the cheesecake portion and then cherry pie filling on the top.  I do not like cheesecake, but I actually found these quite tasty. 


I also made these cute star sugar cookies with red white and blue frosting.  I made these to sell at a friend’s rummage sale to help cover the cost of shipping care packages to the troops.  The rummage is still going on, but so far I sold about 30 of them.  Whatever is left over I will ship to the troops with my package on July 1st.



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