Sunday, June 6, 2010

Leaky toilet

Some of you know that we had a leaky toilet a few months back.  The toilet was fixed but we didn’t realize the extent of the problem.  The water had soaked through the tile, through the subfloor, into the insulation and the drywall of the ceiling of the garage.  Jamie decided to start ripping the ceiling down one day and a ton of water came out.

Here is the ceiling of the garage:


So now, a few months later, Jamie removed the bathroom floor and on Saturday installed a new subfloor:


The little round hole is where the toilet goes, which you can see is for now in the tub.  We had to order a new vanity because the other one was black on the bottom and I suspect moldy. 

The next step is to remove the wallpaper and fix the drywall in the bathroom and in the garage ceiling.  We are adding an in-floor heating mat (awesome!) and some new tile.  I am going to paint the bathroom the same color as the master bathroom and put this really cute shower curtain up for Jake:


In the winter, we are going to take up the tile in the master bathroom and add the in-floor heating and the same new tile. 

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