Monday, May 31, 2010

Rummages, Birthdays and Goats

Last weekend I went to a neighborhood rummage sale with my Mother-in-Law, Debbie.  I am not a big fan of rummage sales because I always feel weird looking through people’s crap.  My only purchase was 2 pairs of pants for Jake that I paid $1.00 for.  Debbie bought herself an ice mold for $3.00 and got Jake this pull toy for $2.00.  He loves it!


The next day we celebrated Dad’s birthday.  He got lots of great presents, although I think his favorite was the huge container of cheese puffs.


Yesterday I finally took Jake to the Zoo.  It was his first time there.  I got a few pictures of him and Grandma B with the goats.  He wasn’t sure about them, but not scared at all.  We tried to get him to feed them, but the goats kept eating the food before we could get it in his hand.  They were hungry!


The zoo reminded me of when I worked there one Summer.  I let Mom in on my secret that I would tell Jenny and Chris to come by while I was working and tell them that they were picking me up so they would get in for free.  One time I wasn’t working, so I hid in the trunk and still got in free.  I know, we were rebels!  I don’t miss working in the popcorn wagon on a day like yesterday where temps were in the 90s!  I would come home stinking like oil and butter.

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Jennifer said...

I love the pics! The one of Jake and the goat! Funny! We went to the drive in theater the other nite and I joked to James about him getting in the trunk! Well, we did lie anyways because we told them J was 4 = free.