Thursday, May 13, 2010

USBC Women's National Championships

Mom and I are currently at the Women's National Bowling Championships in El Paso, TX. Today we bowled the team event and it was not good. My first game was a 171 which was awesome, but I lost my mojo although I still ended up 6 pins over my average. Tomorrow is 3 games for doubles and 3 games for singles at 7:00AM :( So early!!! So tonight we will be hitting the pillow by 9:00PM and back up around 5:00AM. I forgot my camera, so no pictures right now. We had a team photo taken and we will have a doubles taken tomorrow, so I will post those when we get back.

Some of you may remember when I bowled this event last year in Reno. I was put on a team with the duckies and I am very sad to say that they are here again this year. They are just so weird! They actually go into restaurants together and quack when they get there. Very strange and I really do not want to be associated with them. In total there will be over 6,000 bowlers in this year's event.

I hope to do well tomorrow in the Singles event so I can win something! I put $40 into the brackets and came back with $39, so I lost a dollar, better then losing it all! Wish me luck!


Becky said...

Good luck, Shelly!

Jennifer said...

Hope you bowled good today! Keep us posted.