Saturday, May 1, 2010


Two weeks ago I donated blood.  I tried to donate in January, but my iron level was to low, so I tried again in February and again it was low.  I was going to try in March, but I had an ear infection and just didn’t feel well enough.  Finally I made it back in and I ate a 1/2 lb cheeseburger for lunch and a steak for dinner the day before I donated and my iron level just passed. 

About a week and a half ago we received cases and cases of flowers for a trial at work.  The flowers came direct from Ecuador and Columbia so they were as fresh as they get. The research trial only used a fraction of the flowers so I saved some for a party at work which was yesterday and the rest were free for anyone to take home.  I made 24 arrangements with the flowers I saved.  I used quart size canning jars for the vases (at Walmart they cost $7.88/dozen) and they turned out very well.  Today I donated the arrangements to St. Ann’s nursing home and they were very excited to have them. 

This week we will be taking our spare queen-size mattress and box spring and a couch from the basement to my co-worker’s house for a rummage sale they are having next weekend.  The proceeds from the sale are going to an organization that helps women battling breast cancer.  I will probably hit the rummage for toys and clothes for Jake. 

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Jennifer said...

Wow you are so nice! Not that I didnt know that already!

Did you take pics of the flowers?