Sunday, May 16, 2010

Pictures from El Paso

Unfortunately I forgot my camera, but we had two professional pictures taken that I scanned and Mom sent me some that she took with her cell phone.  For doubles, Mom and I bought Betty Boop bowling shirts.  They were very cute!

Team photo El Paso 2010 Team Photo (from left: Danni, Me, Sandy M., Cyndi, Mom)

Shelly & Carol El Paso 2010Me & Mom

    Me and Sandy Lally (it’s such a fun name!)

Our Betty Boop shirts


We went to a Mexican restaurant called El Pisto and this was the picture on the Menu.  Mom also took a picture of her lunch (Slow roasted pork tacos with an apple sauce).  I ordered stacked enchiladas with green sauce because I thought the red sauce was hot, boy was I wrong!

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