Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 in review

Today is the last day of 2010.  I would have to say that this year has been about change, and I’m not talking about the Obama kind. 

Jake had his 1st birthday in January and has changed tremendously,  from learning to walk to learning to talk.  He is still hard to understand sometimes, but we can usually figure it out.  He has 083become a bit bossy though.

A post I wrote back in February talked about how overwhelmed I was feeling.  That is when work started to go downhill.  One day I had enough and I finally told my boss and his boss that I needed to move to a different position.  It took until August for the new position to begin, but if I never said anything it wouldn’t have happened.  That definitely falls into the Seize The Moment category.   And I am so much happier at work and one of my co-workers even called me on my way home from work to tell me that she likes working with me.  It feels great to be appreciated.

006The house has changed with some remodeling.  The two upstairs  bathrooms have new tile, we repainted the garage, front hallway and Jake’s room, we replaced the hot water heater and dishwasher and bought a new refrigerator earlier this month.  Most of this was mandatory due to leaky toilets and appliances breaking, but some was in need.

Jamie has continued to do well at his new job.  He seems to really enjoy it since he gets to drive around the state and be home every night.  He started working on-call early this year and that brings challenges but also extra income which is always good. One big change that happened for Jamie this year was when his good friend, Brian, moved to Germany. Jamie won't admit to it, but he really misses Brian.

PillCam SB 2I’ve had a couple health issues that I was trying to work out.  I had an endoscopy and colonoscopy and also swallowed a pill camera to see how my insides were doing.  Turns out everything is in good working order but I did find out I am anemic and have to take iron supplements (which means I have to take fiber supplements too), but now I can donate blood again.Bake Sale 11-13-10 001

I’ve also accomplished a lot this year.  I received a check from the USBC bowling championship tournament.  Apparently I took 1069 place for something!  I received my first patent in July and also just found out that my first manuscript was accepted for publication after some minor editing.  I’ve been baking a lot this year: cake pops, star sugar cookies for the troops, all sorts of cakes that I brought into work, more cupcake brownie hamburgers and sugar cookie fries for a bake sale and of course Christmas cookies. 

002To finish out the year I had the girls over for Christmas.  We went to dinner at the Fox & Hounds and came back for dessert: 003Dark Chocolate Red Velvet Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting.  We also had our traditional ornament exchange and then the picture in front of the tree. 

I could keep rambling on with 2010, but Becky pointed me to a website that took all the common words from this blog and put it into a shape.  Here is my blog’s handprint :)

2010 hand Happy New Year Everyone!


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You make me so very proud.