Saturday, March 19, 2011

Good deal!

With all the weight I’ve lost I decided I should invest in some better fitting clothes.  I headed to my favorite store, G.H. Bass & Co. at the Johnson Creek outlet mall.  They were having an awesome sale, everything was 50% off plus an additional 20% off.  I also had gotten an email coupon from them for 30% off my entire order so I asked if that applied as well, and it did!

Here’s what I bought:

Three sweaters, originally priced $79 each but all three were on clearance for $7.99, plus my 30% off they were each $5.59.  Two t-shirts originally priced $39, on sale for $15.60 each, plus my 30% they were both $10.92. 


A Fall/Spring jacket originally priced at $89 but on sale for $35.60, plus the 30% off came to $24.92.  I saw this jacket last Fall but talked myself out of buying it.


This dress was originally priced for $90 but on sale for $36 plus the 30% off came to $25.21.  Actually I think this was way overpriced to start with.


I also had a $5 off reward for being in their rewards program.  So in all I spent a little over $88, but I saved over $405!!!


I also just won my first Ebay auction!  Pius High school was having an online alumni auction through Ebay.  I got a 2br beach condo for 7d in Destin, FL for $227.50.  It is during the middle of December, but I still think it’s worth it.  It comes to $32.50 per night.  Maybe we will take a drive to Orlando so Jake can visit WDW. 


One other good deal was dinner last night.  Mom treated me, Jake, Sara & Julia to see Imagination Movers downtown.  Before the show we went to Rock Bottom Brewery for dinner.  Apparently the manager is Mom’s neighbor and he took care of our meal for us!  I also found street parking so I only had to pay to fill the meter for 45 minutes. 


I’m on a streak!  Maybe I’ll win the Powerball jackpot tonight too!


Anonymous said...

Let me know next time you're heading out to Johnson Creek - you really hit it big!


Becky said...

I like the dress that you picked up! Very cute! Now it just needs to warm up so you can wear it!

Jennifer said...

Yeah, ummm...I live real close to JC -call me next time!