Saturday, March 5, 2011


A few years ago Mom bought us a FoodSaver for Christmas.  We would use it about once a year.  Recently, however, we started using it about twice a month.  Jamie does most of the cooking and he doesn’t always understand how to make appropriate servings.  His lasagna is HUGE!  We ate the last batch for 4 nights straight and we still had at least a 1/4 left, so we used the food saver and froze it for another day.  Jamie’s new thing is making soups.  He loves the baked potato soup recipe that Chris sent him, which he modified so it is as thick as tar, but that’s how he likes it.  He also found a recipe on called Catherine’s Spicy Chicken Soup.  This tastes a lot like a 009 chicken tortilla soup.  It is very yummy and I would check it out.  One warning though, it says it makes 8 servings, but we found it makes closer to 20 servings!  This is good though, because now we use the FoodSaver to freeze some of it.  If you like to do a lot of cooking and also freeze meals for eating in the future, I would highly recommend investing in a FoodSaver.  It works great and it saves us on throwing away uneaten food.

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