Sunday, February 27, 2011

2011 Best Picture Showcase

Again this year the Academy Awards are showcasing 10 best picture nominees.  AMC theaters holds a 2 day event to show all 10 best pictures.  Here are my thoughts on the 10 movies:
Toy Story 3: The movie is cute and funny, but it’s the 3rd in the series and not worth the nomination.  Still a good movie for kids and adults though.
127 Hours: James Franco is up for best actor and he did a fantastic job.  The movie reminded me a bit of Cast Away where you needed a solo actor to keep you interested in the movie.  The arm cutting scene was intense and I really didn’t watch much of it.  I liked it and think it was worth the nominee as well as Franco and think he has a good chance at winning.
The Kids Are All Right:  I didn’t know what this movie was about and although I think the acting was good, I really didn’t feel interested in the story.  Not sure if this one deserved the nomination, but I do think Annette Bening did deserve the best actress nomination.  Mark Ruffalo is up for best supporting actor but I don’t think he should win.
True Grit:  I’m not much of a western fan, except for Tombstone.  This was a little slow and boring for me, but I can see why it was nominated.  The Coen brothers like the more dark and gloomy films.  I doubt it will win but if you like westerns you will like this.  Jeff Bridges is up for best actor, but I still think Franco will win this.  Hailee Steinfeld is up for best supporting actress and she was good, but I don’t think she will win.
The Fighter:  This could be compared to Million Dollar Baby with the kid that makes it big.  Christian Bale’s acting was great and is up for best supporting actor and I think he will win.  Amy Adams plays the girlfriend and Melissa Leo are both up for best supporting actress.  I think Leo would deserve it more than Adams.  Overall I liked the movie and it is one of the front runners to win for best picture.
Winter’s Bone: This was another movie that I didn’t know what it was about.  It was very gloomy and cold and I felt like I was there.  The movie was slow but I see the interest in the best picture nomination.  John Hawkes is up for best supporting actor and he was good, but I don’t think he will win.  Jennifer Lawrence is up for best actress and I think she has a good chance of winning.
Black Swan:  Everyone told me this was very disturbing but I actually didn’t think it was too disturbing.  It was a darker movie and it gave me goose bumps when it ended.  Very good movie but I don’t think it will win.  Natalie Portman is up for best actress but I don’t think she will win.
Inception:  This was my second time watching and since I didn’t have to concentrate as much on the story line I was able to see more details.  It is a good visual effects movie and makes your head hurt when trying to understand, but I would be shocked if it won best picture. 
The Social Network:  This movie was funnier than I expected it to be and I enjoyed it.  It has a lot of hype to win but I don’t think it should.  Jesse Eisenburg is nominated for best actor but I don’t think he was as good as other actors up for nomination.
The King’s Speech:  This movie also has a lot of hype for winning and I do believe it deserves the win.  Colin Firth is up for best actor and Geoffrey is up for best supporting actor.  Both were great and I would like to see both win.  Helena Bonham Carter is up for best supporting actress and I always enjoy her performances but I’m not sure she will win.
Overall this was a good year of best pictures, but I think they need to go back to 5 nominees.  I will be watching tonight to see who wins and I always enjoy the Oscars. 

Here's a video from Yahoo that goes through some of the nominees:

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