Monday, February 14, 2011

Cake & Bake

Do you have a favorite store?  I mean one where you go in looking for something in particular and next thing you know you have been there for an hour and bought way more than you intended to?  That store for me is Cake & Bake.  It’s out in Germantown (where Giggles used to be). 


It is a pretty small store actually, but there is so much to look at.  They have a whole wall of cookie cutters!


And a wall of sprinkles (or if you prefer to call them jimmies)!


And even a wall of to-go containers to put your goodies inside.


Behind the wall of containers is a wall of frozen desserts, breads and sugar cookies just waiting for you to take them home (sorry, no picture).  The main reason I go there, and now my secret is out, is for the pre-made frosting.  It is impossible to get black or red frosting to look those colors, but somehow they can do it!  I was there on Saturday and you can see they were all out of red frosting probably due to Valentine’s Day.


There is so much more, but I was getting some side-eye glances from the workers as I used my cell phone camera.  So do you have a store like this where you just lose yourself and all concept of time?

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