Thursday, February 10, 2011


A while back I heard of a website called hulu where you can watch tv shows, but I never thought much about it.  Recently, however, the only tv show Jamie and I watch together, House, did not record properly on the DVR.  So I looked up hulu and saw they have a lot of shows from past seasons.  To watch a current season I would have to sign up for hulu plus.  They have a free 1 week trial so I signed up and planned to cancel before my credit card was charged but I found Grey’s Anatomy!  I used to have Netflix and would get past seasons of Grey’s but I canceled that a couple years ago.  So I let the free trial lapse and I’m couldn’t be happier to be watching Grey’s again.  There are also other newer shows that I just haven’t had time to watch and now I can.  Jamie and I are actually thinking of getting rid of cable and using hulu instead.  We haven’t made the switch yet, but if we do I’ll report back on how that goes. 

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