Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A quick update…

It’s been a while, so here’s an update:

The vertigo is gone, so my ear rocks are back in place, yay!

I was in New Orleans for the annual ASM conference.  Most years I have trouble understanding or staying awake at this conference, but this year was awesome, I hope to post about this soon with some pictures.

My gardens are doing very well and my lilac bushes are looking great, except for one that I may have pruned too much (can you do that?) and looks a little sparse.  Thanks Chris for the extra plants!

I made some more hamburger brownie cupcakes with sugar cookie fries for Juli's rummage/bake sale.  She said they sold really fast!  I’m even getting better at making them, but they still take 4 nights to make/assemble.  She has a good picture on her blog, which I’ve tried to steal, but my computer won’t let me.

Jamie, Jake and I are heading to the Dells for the weekend and we hope you all have a great Memorial Day Weekend :)

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