Thursday, May 5, 2011

What’s on TV?

I have no idea!

Jamie and I cut out cable back in late-February and we now have only about 20 channels.  No DVR, not even a VCR to record any tv.  We don’t even have a tv guide channel to find out what’s on or what’s coming up.

Actually, it has been okay.  We rarely had much time as it was to watch the 200+ channels we had and the DVR had recordings from over a year before that went unwatched.  We do have a subscription to Hulu which I blogged about earlier and that allows us to keep up with the tv shows we want to watch.  Mostly though we watch the news or channel 10 so Jake can watch Thomas the Train on the weekends.  We bought a couple movies for Jake and we still use Redbox to rent a movie about once a week for us.  It works for us and since the weather is getting warmer we won’t even be inside much anyways.

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