Sunday, October 23, 2011

Pumpkin time

We invited some new neighbor friends over who have a son about the same age as Jake and a little girl about 9 months old.  You may remember me talking about them here.  The boys played (mostly well) together while the parents gutted out some pumpkins.  I forgot to take pictures of the neighbor’s pumpkins, but they were all really fun and a little scary. 

We used a pumpkin gutter that I picked up from Walmart for $6.  You attach it to the end of a drill and then have at it.  Jamie was on gutting duty and I was on carving duty.  The boys are a still a bit too young to use the pumpkin knives or a drill. 


One pumpkin didn’t have as thick of skin as the others and Jamie accidently poked right though it!  Oops!  So, I had to improvise and make a huge mouth. 


Jake wanted his to have a sad face with circle and an oval nose.


I wrote out Boo on another one. 


For the last one I just made slits down the entire pumpkin which I think makes it look really cool and a little sophisticated when lit.


Have you carved any pumpkins yet this year?

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