Friday, July 15, 2011


Jamie & I have lived in our house for a little over 8 years, but we really don’t know any of our neighbors.  We know the people right next to us and a few other names, but that’s about it.

Last Summer I met a couple a few houses away and they have a son a few months older than Jake.  The couple were very nice and I bumped into them a couple times over the year, except Jamie has never been around when these meeting occur.  Jamie says they are my invisible friends.

Today, while taking Jake for a walk, I bumped into them outside their home.  Jamie was back at the house and so he missed them again!  This time we exchanged phone numbers. 

When I got back to the house I showed Jamie their numbers and he just laughed and said that I made them up so it looks more legit.  I will just have to invite them over for dinner some night so they can meet each other. 

In the meantime I should really make an effort to meet more of the neighbors.

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