Friday, July 29, 2011

Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes

My sister-in-law, Sara, made some cupcakes baked in ice cream cones.  I’ve seen this done before, but never attempted it myself.  So, for my birthday I thought I would make them and bring them into work.

First you need ice cream cones and cupcake batter.  I used a box mix for this attempt.


Pour in the batter up to the ridge.  I made 24, but you could get away with filling less and make closer to 30.


When they baked they started dripping a little over the sides.  I made sure to eat any batter that fell off. 


I have a new cupcake carrier and even though they fit on the mini muffin side, they were so tall they touched the top of the carrier and during transport they all fell over, so I that just meant I would have to frost them at work.

Now, I packaged them into the carrier the night before since I didn’t want Charlie to have himself a snack during the night.  However, this made the ice cream cones soft because they weren’t completely cooled and they started to fall to one side.  I almost didn’t bring them into work, but I knew they really wouldn’t complain too much.

I used canned frosting and a pastry bag with a decorator tip.  I didn’t have quite enough frosting to frost them as well as I wanted, so if you make more than 24 be sure to use 2 cans of frosting.  I finished them off with some chocolate sprinkles. 


In the end I think they turned out great!

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backcountrybelle said...

Your cupcakes in an ice cream cone are adorable! Great job, I love how pretty the frosting turned out! Happy Birthday too!!!!