Sunday, July 24, 2011


All photos as of 7-24-11 080I planted rudbeckia (black-eyed-susans) last summer.  I like the color and the hardiness of them.  Shortly after planting them I was told they will spread and take over.  I didn’t think that would matter too much since I only planted 4 plants all together.


All photos as of 7-24-11 085Well, let’s just say that within 1 year I now have lots of plants.  Oops!  Well, most are just coming up so I can always dig them out.  But honestly I still like them and don’t mind that they are spreading so much.


All photos as of 7-24-11 076

They add so much color to my gardens and since there are so many flowers on each plant I love that I can pick a few stems off and make a nice table arrangement.  If anyone would like some for their garden just let me know and I’ll dig some up for you!

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