Monday, February 13, 2012

Valentine’s Treats

For Valentine’s Day I decided to make two treats that I found via Pinterest.  First up were Chocolate Covered Pretzels, which I’ve actually done before, but this time with a twist.  These are for Jake’s daycare.


I used the mini twist pretzels and covered the top half with white chocolate.  Once that solidified I used candy colors to dye the white chocolate pink and purple.  I used a piping bag to make lines and dots.  It was fairly easy to do and looks super cute!



Next up were Homemade Snicker Bars.  Those that know me best know that I LOVE snicker bars!  And some of you may not realize that Jamie loves them more than me, so I thought I would whip him up a batch.  But a batch is a 9x13” pan, so I am sharing them with my co-workers too.


These look daunting and the recipe even seems hard, but I would say this was actually easier than the chocolate covered pretzels.  Go here for the recipe.  I cheated though and used the freezer to cool each layer, that way I could start the next layer immediately.  I also took her advice and bought an aluminum pan which made it so easy to pop out and cut.



Happy Valentine’s Day!


Jennifer said...

I saw that recipe on Pinterest and thought of you!!! Happy Valentines Day!!

carolea said...

Yummy. Happy Valentines Day.