Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Winter Mittens

For Christmas this year I made some winter mittens for my girlfriends using old wool sweaters.  My friend, Juli, made them and sent me the link on how to make them.

The woman in the tutorial claims you can make a pair in 30 minutes.  Well, I must be really slow, because it took me 3 hours to make each pair.

First I had to find some old wool sweaters, so I hit up Goodwill during my lunch break and found some goodies!  It said to make sure the wool is at least 60% cotton, although I think two of these were only 50%.


You need to felt the sweaters by washing them in hot water which makes the wool shrink and helps keep the mittens warm. 

Next up was cutting out the patterns which can be found on the link above.  The pattern is pretty simple, but watch the video to figure out how to sew them together.


I was going to do a step-by-step on the process, but I forgot to take pictures and the video is really good.  So here’s the finished mittens.  Becky got the blue ones, Jenny the pink strips and Chris got the grey ones.




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