Saturday, January 28, 2012


Have you ever bought any As Seen On TV products?  I admit that I have a Snuggie, although I have no idea where it is anymore.  Well, at one of the Christmas parties there was a gift exchange.  Sometimes the gifts are really nice and sometimes they are less nice.  At first I was in possession of a Snuggie, but since I already own one, I swapped it out with Aunt Trish for her Eggies. 


Have you seen the commercial for them? They actually look pretty cool.  You hard boil the eggs without the shell, therefore you don’t need to peel them, which is half the battle anyways.  A few weeks ago I tried them out and this is how it went:

First, I read the instructions.


Then I got my eggs and Eggies ready by coating them with olive oil and cracking the eggs into the assembled units.


Then put them in a pot of water.


Boil for 15 minutes.


Squeeze them out.


And voila! 


Umm… Well, that’s not what I was expecting!

I used large eggs but they didn’t fill up the Eggies quite like I had hoped they would.  I was planning on using them to make some egg salad sandwiches, but they just don’t keep well when they aren’t in the shell.  I forgot about them for about a week and they became so rubbery the garbage disposal had a hard time chewing them up! 

Sorry Eggies, I give you a C.  Maybe I can sell them at a rummage sale?!?

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Purpletoes said...

I heard about these and thought they might be good for deviled eggs....but it looks like you just get a half an egg. And the wrong half at that. If you were going to use the egg soon would they get a better grade?

Like the new look of the blog too.