Sunday, September 23, 2012

Bridal Shower Wine Basket

My family had a bridal shower today for my cousin’s bride-to-be, Jessica. Mom and I decided to do something a little creative for the gift.  I mentioned to my Mom a gift of wine with tags that tell the new couple when to drink them.  Mom took the idea to Pinterest and found someone that did just this!  The website is called Occasions and has a tutorial with printable tags in multiple colors. 

The tags were pre-made, so I just had to download and print them out on heavy card stock, cut them with a fun border and attach them to the wine Mom bought.  The tags are for:

  • Wedding Night
  • First Christmas
  • First Dinner Party
  • First Fight
  • First Anniversary
  • First Baby

Here’s the basket we put together:


Mom bought a wine and also a sparkling cider for the First Baby, so that’s why there are 7 bottles in the basket.

My next challenge was to wrap it all up.  I went to Wal-Mart looking for cellophane wrap, but I couldn’t find it anywhere!  I walked up and down the card aisle, party supply aisle, even the floral and basket aisle.  During my search I did find a plastic lace tablecloth. 


It ended up being perfect!  It was see-through enough so you could see the basket and the purple tissue.  The lace was feminine and bridal looking.



Everyone thought it was a great looking gift and Jessica didn’t even want to open it!  I’ll have to remember this gift idea (and tablecloth) for future bridal showers.

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zerry ht said...

Ah! Nice! This is actually something different and I came across this post just at the right time. It is my best friend’s wedding next week in one of the wedding venues Los Angeles and we all are planning a bachelorette party for her. I am sure she will love this. Thanks for sharing!