Sunday, September 16, 2012

Circle Collages

Conform: to act in accord with the prevailing standards, attitudes, practices, etc., of society or a group.

Synonyms: be conventional, be traditional, do the accepted thing, obey the rules, play the game, match.


Nonconformity: failure or refusal to conform, as with established customs, attitudes, or ideas.

Synonyms: rebel, maverick, radical, eccentric, free spirit, individualist, oddball.


These words drifted through my head when I was asked to look at the children’s circle collages at daycare.  They were each given the same number, color and size circles and told to make a collage.  Simple task for three year olds and even little 15m Gabe participated in the fun.  Here are how the kids did:


Luke is one of Jake’s best friends, they are very alike in their personalities.  They both want the same toy and often fight.

collages 005


Maverick is the new kid in the daycare.  I told Jake to tell him his name was Goose.  I find it interesting that Maverick is a synonym for nonconformist, so far he’s not really living up to his name.

collages 004


Ryker is another of Jake’s friends.  Honestly I’m not very familiar with him and who he really is.  But I do like the small circles inside the large circles, very creative!

collages 003


Gabe is only 15 months old and the youngest at the daycare.  He learned to walk and now run and tries to keep up the the big boys.

collages 002


And now for my son, Jake.  He is everything listed in the nonconformist, but he may also have a slight OCD issue.  He stacked the circles by color, then glued them all together and made a circle sandwich.  Very creative and nothing like me!

collages 001

I hope his teachers in school let him explore the world in his own way and don’t make him conform too much to society.  Yes, make him line up and obey the rules, but when creativity is involved let him do his own thing.  Maybe he will be in marketing or advertising when he grows up.

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carolea said...

Gotta love that guy. When your oldest brother was old enough to print his name, he printed it in "mirror" image. It was correct if you held it up to a mirror, but not correct when you looked at it. I wish I had saved that.