Thursday, April 9, 2009

Go Brewers Go!

Well baseball season has begun! This Friday (Good Friday this year) will be the Brewers home opener against the evil Chicago Cubs. I have never been to opening day and while I would love to go I think I am done going when they are playing the Cubs. I went once and unfortunately the Brewers lost which made the Cubs fans even more unbearable. Hopefully the Brewers will continue to play well and make it into the postseason once again. Last year I attended my first postseason game. It was a great game even though they lost and ended their postseason run. I will probably not be able to attend too many games this year, but Jamie and I will be at the May 3rd Ryan Braun bobble head game! Just so you know if you click on the picture of Charlie and the Go Brewers Go! sign it will take you to the Brewers homepage where you can quickly check on how the Brew Crew is doing. Go Brewers!

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