Monday, April 13, 2009

New socks

I love putting on brand new socks. I especially love the white thick cotton ones. I always seems to slide easier on the linoleum floor with new cotton socks. I recently purchased some classic crew socks and low cut ankle socks. I like the low cut kind for my tennis shoes in the summer and the crew cut are nice in the winter when I tuck my pajama pants into them so the pant legs don't ride up in bed. Anyone with flannel pjs and flannel sheets know what I am talking about.

But my big question is why do they sell the bulk socks in resealable bags? I understand the plastic bag, but why resealable? There must be a reason why the manufacturer thinks that socks deserve a resealable bag. I know that cheese lasts a lot longer in resealable bags but socks? I usually take all the socks out of the bag and put them in the drawer, but this time I decided to keep them in the bag until I need a new pair. Maybe it is to keep the new ones seperate from the old ones?


Jenny said...

Good question! What is with the resealable bags on socks!! Dont most people just dump the whole bag of new socks in their sock drawer?

Anonymous said...

It's so people with cheesy toes can try them on in the store and when they change their mind they can put them back in the