Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Cutting the grass

Jamie and I have a deal that he will take care of all the snow in the winter if I cut the grass in the summer. I actually like cutting the grass. It gets me outside for about an hour, when it's sunny I get a tan and it is a good source of exercise. The last time I cut the grass I got 3,000 steps which really helped out the walk the walk competition.

However, cutting the grass does have it's bad points too. A couple summers ago Jamie was cutting the grass and it started hailing! Nothing too big and it only lasted about a minute. Then a couple weeks ago while I was cutting the grass a bug flew up my nose! I kept on mowing, but it was "bugging" me so I stopped the mower and went inside to blow my nose. The bug came out, it was tiny, but it was still moving, which must be why it was bothering me so much!

But it is all worth it when a neighbor walks by and tells me that we have the nicest lawn in the neighborhood.

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