Thursday, June 4, 2009

Walk the Walk

Can you walk the walk? That's what was asked of me and my coworkers. We have been challenged by the Madison site to see who can walk the walk or in other words have the most steps taken in 8 weeks using a pedometer. The challenge started on Sunday and goes until Saturday, July 25th. It has been interesting to see how many steps I take in a day. On a normal day I take around 5,500 steps. My highest day so far was over 11,000 and I am happy to say I am close to that today as well. We are in groups of 3 and we are competing among ourselves in Waukesha and those in Madison. My personal goal is to increase my weekly total every week. Hopefully this will also help me shed those pesky pregnancy pounds that have lingered way too long. I will post my weekly total on the side so you can see how well I am doing and to keep me motivated. Well, it's time to go and keep walking!

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