Thursday, June 25, 2009


Before Jeremy and Kelsey's wedding Jamie, Jake and I all got haircuts. Jamie used to go to cost cutters, then he switched to Sport Clips where he can watch tv while he gets his hair cut. At both locations he had dissapointing haircuts so this past time he went to the local barber in town. It was an old barber shop with one chair and I believe the barber's name was Wayne. He liked it a lot so I am sure he will keep going back to Wayne.

I went to a new hairstylist that four of my coworkers go to as well. Her name is Jen and I think that my haircut looks very good. It has more layers and she also thinned it out a bit which is nice in this heatwave we have going on right now.

Jake had his first haircut last week Monday. He is only 5 months old but he really needed it. He had balded on his left side a while back and the hair was growing back in but it was very noticable with the long hair on his right side. We had a very interesting combover going with that. Here are some before, during and after pictures of his first haircut:

I think that Jamie did a good job considering Jake wouldn't keep his head straight. And I am sure that Jake appreciates his new haircut in this heatwave as well.


Anonymous said...

everyone's hair cuts turned out great! MOM

Becky said...

I can't believe that Jake's hair was that long!