Sunday, September 27, 2009


A couple weeks ago I left the house and I was pretty sure that Charlie was in the house. He likes to sneak into the garage and when I am carrying Jake, my purse, and any other multiple things he has a pretty good chance at getting out. I decided not to worry about it and I drove to Jake's daycare. When I was leaving I saw a cat just like Charlie hiding in the bushes and for a second I thought it was Charlie. Then as I drove to work I saw another cat that looked just like Charlie on the side of the road (no, not roadkill). It was so odd that the morning I thought he may have snuck out I saw two cats that looked just like him. Fortunately he was safe at home when I got back from work.

Today while driving I saw a silver Toyota Rav4 just like ours and it had the same three letters on their license plate that we have: PFN. I think that must be pretty rare to see the same model and color car with such a similar license plate.

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Pretty Amazing! MOM