Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Hiny Hiders

A few years ago, while in the restroom at a Brewer's game, I was sitting down, doing my thing and I noticed the latch on the stall door had a picture as seen above and the name Hiny Hider on it, I just giggled. I thought it was such a clever name for a small and usually unnoticed piece of hardware. I always look for the Hiny Hider when I go to the restroom at Brewer games now. I also recently saw the it at the restroom while we were camping. It is just so odd to find humor in the bathroom (at least the kind that doesn't include an odor or noise coming from the stall next to you). So, next time you are at a Brewer's game or in any restroom facility look out for the Hiny Hider!


Jennifer said...

Funny you say that!! I have noticed that years ago! The stalls at my work have Hiny Hiders!!! Made me giggle at the time too!

Anonymous said...

Hiny Hiders come from Scranton, PA. (Home of the Office)