Saturday, March 20, 2010

O Negative Donors Are Urged To Donate


I received an e-mail today for donating blood.  I am O negative but I have a cold and haven’t had high enough iron levels to donate recently.  I know only a couple people read my blog, but maybe if word gets out more people will donate.  It really doesn’t hurt and it only takes an hour.  Please donate:


O Negative Donors Are Urged To Donate

BloodCenter of Wisconsin has less than a one-day supply of O negative blood. Type O blood is a precious resource. It's in every emergency room and on Flight for Life. It could be the difference between life and death in a serious emergency. If you have O negative blood, the universal blood type, you have the incredible potential to save anyone's life.

If you have type O, please make an appointment to donate as soon as possible. If you're not type O but know someone who is, please encourage them to donate.

Please make an appointment to donate.

Thank you for helping ensure that our local hospitals have an adequate supply of this special blood type. As blood donors, you are doing more good than you know.

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