Friday, March 19, 2010

The power of straight hair

Last November, while hanging Christmas lights, I accidently killed all the outlets in the garage.  Apparently it is bad to put a staple through the cord and then plug the lights in.  Well, Jamie looked at the circuit breaker and that was fine, but all the outlets were out.  I asked him to call an electrician but he said he would look into it some more before admitting that he needed professional help.  I kept nagging him to fix it or call someone, but nothing ever happened so I had lights hung all Christmas season, but I was never able to turn them on.

This past weekend Jamie started cutting holes in the ceiling of the garage to see if he could find the wire that might be bad…


And still, he got nowhere.  So today I decided to straighten my hair, but the outlet in my bathroom was also out, although I assumed this was a separate issue.  So, I took my hair straightener into Jake’s bathroom, but that outlet was also out, although his outlet has a set/reset button.  So I reset his outlet and it worked.  I then checked my bathroom and that outlet also worked.  Then I decided that maybe since both bathrooms are above the garage, maybe the garage outlets worked.  And sure enough, they work!!!

So all winter I was without Christmas lights and the answer to the problem was in Jake’s bathroom!  So now I will be nagging Jamie all Spring to fix the holes he made in the ceiling!


Becky said...

Ha! That's kinda funny!

Anonymous said...

You're a great story teller! How did your hair turn out?


Purpletoes said...

Glad YOU finally solved that! Sometimes it takes a woman to get the job done right...even if by luck.