Thursday, July 12, 2012

Faux Quilting

A co-worker is having a baby so for her shower I decided to make another of cute and cuddly owl and a matching changing pad.  I have this cute pink and brown fabric in both fleece and poly/cotton blend.  The fleece makes a super soft owl.

For the changing pad I wanted to use a brown fleece for this inside, but it was a bit boring.  I have a fun pink dotted fleece, but it’s pretty pricy and decided to try and pretty up the brown fleece first. So I decided to stitch a faux quilt pattern with pink thread.

Starting at a corner, I marked a line at a 45 degree angle and continued every 4” making a diamond pattern. Then I stitched a single straight long stitch along the lines.


Back side:


Front side:


Here is the finished product and I just love how it turned out.



Becky said...

Great job, Shell! Our changing pad comes in handy often!

carolea said...

Nice job. I like the quilt look.