Tuesday, July 3, 2012

T-shirt to tank top


I recently pinned a tutorial on how to turn a t-shirt into a tank top.  And since it’s going to be 95-100 degrees today at the Brewer game I decided to turn one of my Brewer t-shirts into a tank top.

The original tutorial is here but I made a few modifications.

I made three of these shirts before attempting the Brewer shirt above. The tutorial says to cut off the bottom hem and then make another cut for the drawstring.  I liked the lengths of my t-shirts, so I instead cut off bottom strip but left the hem.


Then I folded over the hem and stitched it from that point.  This way I only lost about 1” from the bottom of the shirt.  For the Brewer one above, I actually used a drawstring from one of my other shirts since I didn’t want to cut the hem at all.


The easiest way to get the drawstring through the front and back is to attach it to a safety pin and then use that to work it through the fabric.


I love this shirt and I’m sure it will help keep me cool today at the game.  I have lots more t-shirts in my drawer from various charities and vacations that I can’t wait to turn into more tanks.  These might also look cute on a little girl as a dress too.

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