Sunday, December 2, 2012


This summer I received a Keurig for my birthday.  I started drinking coffee when I moved over half an hour from work and I needed something to help along the drive.  To get used to the flavor I started by using half hot chocolate half coffee and every week or so I would add less hot chocolate until I could accept the coffee on it’s own (black). 

Jamie likes to drink White Russian coffee which has no alcohol, but rather just has a hint of the smell and flavor.  He will drink the entire pot and would often be disagreeable if I took a cup to work.  I hate the coffee at work so I was thrilled to receive the Keurig.  I keep it in my office and it makes it smell wonderful.

I own the Elite 40 model which is perfect for me.  I can fill up the reservoir and it will last all week if I keep it to one cup a day.  Work recently installed a 5-filter system to our drinking water and it causes absolutely no residue in the reservoir which will help it last longer.

The unit comes with a variety of coffee, but most of it I knew I wouldn’t like.  I don’t like bold flavors or most teas, so I searched for a variety pack I could try.  I found on a vendor that will let you pick your own variety of 30 k-cups.  This was perfect and I picked out 30 different flavored coffee, chai tea, hot chocolate and cappuccinos.  Here is my list and my reviews on the flavors.   

1. Folgers Caramel Drizzle: bad

2. Folgers Vanilla Biscotti: good – smooth and mild flavor

3. Gloria Jean's French Vanilla Supreme: ok, a little tangy, not as smooth as #2

4. Gloria Jean's Mudslide: eh, tastes like coffee

5. Donut House Chocolate Glazed Donut: good – smooth w/hint of choc, smells great

6. GMC Donut House Cinnamon Roll: eh, no good

7. Green Mountain Caramel Vanilla Cream: good – smooth with medium flavor

8. Green Mountain French Vanilla: ok – a little tangy, better with FV creamer

9. Timothy's Cinnamon Pastry: very cinnamonny, makes it taste too bitter

10. Timothy's French Vanilla: bad

11. Timothy's German Chocolate Cake: too bitter

12. Timothy's Irish Cream: no

13. Timothy's Mocha Java: missing

14. Van Houtte Belgian Chocolate: eh

15. Van Houtte French Vanilla: a little bitter

16. Van Houtte Mocha Java: no

17. Van Houtte Napoletano: no

18. Van Houtte Raspberry Chocolate Truffle: good, can taste raspberry flavor

19. Wolfgang Puck Creme Caramel: boring

20. Wolfgang Puck Francais Vanilla: ok

21. Wolfgang Puck Jamaica Me Crazy: good, a hint of coconut

22. Cafe Escapes Chai Latte: Great!

23. Celestial Seasonings India Spice Chai Tea: More like hot tea w/hint of chai

24. Cafe Escapes Milk Hot Chocolate: gave to Kim and she really like it

25. Cafe Escapes Dark Hot Chocolate: ok

26. Cafe Escapes Cafe Mocha (½ choc&coffee): ok, but more like hot chocolate w/o ½ coffee

27. Grove Square Spiced Apple Cider: good cider

28. Grove Square Caramel Apple Cider: good, can taste the caramel

29. Grove Square Caramel Cappuccino: Good, but not as good as the FV

30. Grove Square French Vanilla Cappuccino: YUM!!!

I tasted all of these without any creamer or sugar to make sure I got a good taste.  From this variety I decided to stock up on the Folgers Vanilla Biscotti, Café Escapes Chai Latte, Grove Square French Vanilla Cappuccino and another not on the list which is Green Mountain Spicy Eggnog which is a flavored coffee.

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Jennifer said...

I have keurig too Shelly but never did a taste taste like you did! I prefer black coffee, no flavors. I like the Caribou Day Break and Green Mountain. I do have a pack of K-cups to let you try. I bought them by accident because I thought they said Light French Roast...when really they said Light French Toast! So it smells like syrup kinda. You can give it a try. Maybe you may like it!